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Need homecare services for seniors!

    Here at A-Z, we cannot overemphasis the importance of a support service, that is why our company is a firm believer in making life as liveable as normal for the ill, the elderly and the vulnerable. The core of our home support service is client centred and our support service is designed in such a manner where the need of our clients is ultimately our focus. Our care packages are tailored around our client's needs, and our care and support staff understand the essence of putting our clients at the fore.

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring exceptional home care in the homes of our client via our compassionate team of carers and management staff to enhance the quality of life! We are dedicated to recruiting and supplying the highest standard of staffing that are Garda vetted, trained and are regularly monitored. Put in simple term, we are the support service excellent provider


Personal Care & Assistance

Our staff are trained to help our clients with various aspects of their daily living so as to help them live as comfortable as possible. These includes, personal hygiene and grooming, hair washing, drying and combing, etc... read more


We cannot overemphasis the importance of companionship for our ageing population as families and loved ones leave their parent's home to pursue their own lives, and it becomes... read more

Mobility Assistance

Our carefully soughted staff are trained to help our clients move around in the most safest manner possible while aiding clients with their daily and Recreational activities... read more

Respite Care

We very much bear in mind the role of family members who support their loves ones in one way or the other. We also understand the essence of taking time off for yourself so that the helping process is an enjoyable... read more

Disability Care

We understand that when a person has a disability, the quality of their lives can be determined by a number of factors. That is why we are committed to providing a care service to support and promote independent living... read more

Dementia and Alzheimer Care

We understand the distress this ailment can cause both the client and their families, that is why we are fully committed to providing you with the support you need to make everyday living as normal as possible... read more

Palliative care

Our aim is to provide the best quality home care support services for our terminally ill clients. We provide personalized palliative care in a most dignified and manageable as possible for our clients and their families... read more

Overnight Care

Our overnight Home Care offers a night home care service for our clients. This is an option for those who may feel anxious about being at home alone at night. They can benefit from our care packages... read more

24/7 Care Service

We provide Homecare & Support for visits as short as 24 hour packages to 365 days of the year at affordable prices. Visits can be made once or several times a day, to best fit in with your care needs... read more

Need a Home Care Service?

Get in touch with us and one of our assessment team will call out to you at your convenience to carry out an initial assessment and subsequently a care plan tailored around your preferences!

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